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Erin DeMarines - 3BAR CEO + VEGAN BADASS

I have been running for nearly as long as I can remember. I started running with my dad at the earlier age of 3 or 4, and have been running ever since! When I became a sponsored triathlete I had enormous focus and drive, and a need for nutritional products to match that. As I began college, I became more involved in racing and also started focusing more on personal nutrition. Prior to earning my degree, I became certified as a Personal Trainer and quickly built up a steady list of clients, and after graduating from University of South Florida, I landed in Los Angeles. 

There, I was inspired by clients and friends to make my famous grandmother's homemade cookies into a healthier and more balanced, vegan-friendly snack. Over the next few years, I would make these "cookies" in my kitchen. I continued to study nutrition and eventually became certified as a Nutritional Consultant and a certified Sports Nutritional Consultant. My bar eventually grew out of my kitchen and into the mouths of many athletes, busy parents, kids, and to anyone who cares about their bodies and what they put into it!







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