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COCOA CRUNCH -tastes great and its good for you!

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Want more information? Feel free to download the PDF below for loads of Ingredients & Nutritional Facts! 

If you have any specific questions, please feel free to reach out to us erin@tri3bar.com 

3BAR Ingredients & Nutritional Facts (pdf)



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our story

 Erin DeMarines has been running for nearly as long as she can remember. A sponsored triathlete with enormous focus, drive and enthusiasm, Erin began jogging with her father at the early age of four. And she's been running ever since.    As DeMarines entered college, she became more involved in racing and also started focusing more on personal nutrition. Prior to earning her degree, DeMarines became certified as a Personal Trainer and quickly built up a steady list of clients, and after graduating from University of South Florida, she landed in Los Angeles.

There, she was inspired by clients and friends to make her famous grandmother's homemade cookies into a healthier and more balanced, vegan-friendly snack. Over the next few years, DeMarines would make these "cookies" in her own kitchen. She continued to study nutrition and eventually became certified as a Nutritional Consultant and a certified Sports Nutritional Consultant.  

 3BAR is engineered to contain exactly what your body needs to re-fuel. Many of the bars on the market today are loaded with chemicals and therefore lack balance. 3BAR is a balanced nutrient-dense product to give you the most energy, and you will feel naturally energized from it! And the best part about 3BAR, it TASTES good!!! 

 3BAR is formulated to be a balanced, all-natural energy bar that is diabetic-friendly, safe for hypoglycemics, vegans and vegetarians, and is the best food for energy. 3BAR was formulated with taste in mind first, along with a completely sound nutritional profile without additives, chemicals, and ingredients you can't even pronounce that makes it easily digestible and convenient! 

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